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A few years ago, flying by helicopter was a real exclusive adventure, which was considered practically inaccessible to the broad masses of the population of Ukraine. Now the situation has changed. A helicopter is not exclusively a privilege of big businessmen, oligarchs and other wealthy individuals. We are not talking about personal transport, but about renting an aircraft, but this does not change the essence. Helicopter services have become not just an excursion entertainment, but also a necessity in some situations, since moving by air is mainly the absence of the most unpleasant – traffic jams and accidents. Helitour company offers the service of helicopter flights, which can become not just an impressive leisure, but also a necessity to help out as an operational transport in the most unforeseen situations – both in the business sphere and in everyday matters.

Why is a helicopter becoming an increasingly popular transport?

It is reasonable to note that helicopter flights by air cannot be an alternative to a car at all. In part, it is. Of course, it is impossible to go to the market for shopping on a rented helicopter, to make flights within the city for personal business or household purposes, but we are talking about covering long distances that take a lot of time and effort. A helicopter cannot compete with a bus - its relatively small dimensions are not designed to transport a group of 10-20 people. The maximum that the helicopter is designed for is 5-6 people. But imagine that there was a need for an urgent arrival of individuals to a specific locality of the country to resolve business or personal issues, an extreme case occurred at an object that is located within several tens, and sometimes hundreds of kilometers, and the situation that arose requires the personal presence of management in the shortest possible time. The number of people to transport is minimal, and the plane is too expensive, depends on the flight schedule, moreover, it is not always possible due to the elementary absence of an airport in a small settlement. It takes a long time to move by motor transport, but the arrival dates require efficiency. This is the optimal problem to solve rotorcraft transport. Moreover, it can land on any free plateau within a radius of 25-30 m in the immediate vicinity of the object, without the need to use a runway or the presence of a well-equipped road.

Excursions and leisure

Even if there is no special extreme, renting a helicopter will help to achieve such goals as a panoramic view of the areas of interest for development, a global assessment of the scale and design of objects, will make it possible to assess the landscape for organizing corporate trips to nature, and all this - with the opportunity to get photo frames or shoot video, because the height at which the helicopter moves, it allows. In the end, a helicopter flight can be just an unforgettable aerial excursion for the soul. Flying over memorable places of a particular city and surroundings, safe and comfortable leisure activities at the height of the reach of birds, coupled with pleasant emotions and colorful adrenaline impressions – it's cool, bright and unforgettable!

Helicopter services from Helitour – safety, comfort and optimal prices

Our fleet of helicopters includes models of different types, so you can book a flight in the optimal combination of the price of the service and the number of people on board. We organize both sightseeing flights in different regions of Ukraine and offer business charter flights. Call or send preliminary applications online - Helitour managers are always in touch, they will immediately call back, consult and help solve the issue of a specific type of helicopter service with a minimum of time. We guarantee the safety of flights to any point of the country, provide comfortable transport salons, have insurance and licenses, and most importantly, a solid experience of helicopter services without excesses. Prices are democratic, and Helitour services are marked by thousands of grateful customer reviews.