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Charter flight to Uman`

Charter flight to Uman

To quickly get from Kiev to Uman to solve your company's issues or perform other tasks is a reality that is available to a representative of any region of Ukraine. Helitour Company is an organizer of charter helicopter flights to different cities of Ukraine with a departure point in Kiev. Thousands of tourists visit Uman every year – our services will help them arrive at their destination promptly, without wasting time on car trips.

Charters for vacationers

Helicopter charters are interesting for travelers who want to explore local attractions, spend a weekend in one in the unique dendropark "Sofiyevka". Going on a helicopter trip, they will be able to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the man-made monument of nature, founded in 1796 by the great-grandson of the Hetman of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Stanislav Potocki. According to experts 3323 unique flowers and plants grow in the park. There are many other interesting sights in Cherkashina – this is the region where the Chigirin Nature Reserve is located – once the Hetman's capital. Here the tourist will get acquainted with the restored structures of the times of Bogdan Khmelnitsky – the hetman's house, the chan of the Zaporozhian Army.

Other attractions of Cherkashina:

  • Motroninsky Monastery in the forest tract "Kholodny Yar";
  • Chernecha mountain in Kanev;
  • Subotiv;
  • Morintsy in Zvenigorod region.
  • Cherkassy has a magnificent zoo – children and adults will like it here. A special pride of the zoo is a terrarium with more than 3,000 inhabitants. There is a Buddhist temple on the territory of the city – the only one in Europe.

    Helicopter excursions as a gift

    Helicopter rental in Kiev is an opportunity to please relatives and friends with an unforgettable journey, give them vivid impressions, present an original gift. Helitour recommends buying a gift certificate for a hero of the day, a colleague, a company manager. Each of them will appreciate your gift and will be grateful for a great time.

    In order for the gift to fall into the hands of the birthday boy in a timely manner, contact the operator of our company by contact phone. If you do not live in Kiev, this is not an obstacle to ordering a helicopter rental for the date and time of interest. The gift certificate will arrive promptly in your city thanks to the services of the transport company Nova Poshta. At your request, the courier will hand over the certificate to the hero of the day – you need to correctly specify the address, or deliver it to you. You can pick up the certificate at the nearest branch of the New Post office.

    Our services are used not only by individuals, but also by corporate clients. Many respectable organizations arrange weekend tours for their employees with visits to the sights of Uman and other cities of Ukraine. An interesting budget option for a corporate gift is a helicopter flight over Kiev. It lasts only 12 minutes, which is ideal for people who are afraid to fly planes, helicopters. During this time, passengers will see the indescribable beauty of the capital, the Dnieper, and coastal zones.

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