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Heliskiing – thrills for extreme athletes

Tired of traditional skiing? Are you tired of the annual winter holiday program? We have a great offer for you – heliskiing in the Carpathians. An extreme descent from the steepest peaks of the Carpathians, strewn with snow, will please the virtuosos of snowboarding, thrill-seekers who are ready to go after them even where no human foot has actually set foot.

What is heliskiing? This is a new type of winter vacation for active and risky, for those who are looking for unusual entertainment. The freerider descends the slope, climbing to the top by helicopter - otherwise it is impossible to get to the starting point. His adventure takes place far from the slopes equipped with lifts, which increases the thrill.

What does the service suggest?

Helitour company promises an unforgettable experience from heliskiing, but first we offer you to get acquainted with the service in detail:

  • we deliver clients to the Carpathians by charter from Kiev;
  • by helicopter, the client gets to the starting point of the route
  • landing from a helicopter;
  • return trip from the Carpathians to Kiev.

The tour organizers will make sure that an experienced instructor works with the client on the eve of the descent from the mountain peak. He will inform the extreme who goes on tour for the first time, teach all the subtleties of helibording.

What to take with you?

It is unacceptable to go on an extreme journey without special equipment. Going down in difficult conditions of an unbroken track, a snowboarder will feel more confident, having with him:

  • special snowboard (skis), it will secure the descent;
  • a warm ski suit will keep you warm in frosty weather;
  • gloves, hats, masks – a few interchangeable options are enough;
  • бипер - устройство для обнаружения человека, затерявшегося на местности;
  • a set of appropriate tools;
  • avalanche probe is a device used to search for people in snowy terrain;
  • anti-avalanche backpack – will provide a certain degree of safety when falling under an avalanche;
  • avalung – a device for breathing under a thick layer of snow.

Don't ignore Helitour's recommendations! You are going on an unsafe tour. Our company is concerned about your safety.

How much does heliskiing cost?

The cost is determined by the selected tour program. The budget option is a solo trip. A more expensive option is a tour with friends, family members, loved ones. The cost is affected by the flight range.

The price will include the cost of a charter from Kiev to the Carpathians, helicopter rental. If the client goes on an extreme trip for the first time, the price will increase due to the services of a professional instructor.

How to order a service?

Contact our manager and order the service. Discuss the details over the phone. The order of the tour must be made no later than 3 days before departure to the descent zone. We accept calls from customers living in different regions of the country. We recommend regional clients to worry in advance about how they will get to Kiev.

Heliskiing is a great gift for extreme athletes. You can order a gift certificate to your relatives, loved ones. We will deliver the certificate by Nova Poshta to the addressee's place of residence.

If weather conditions do not allow a charter flight to take off on the appointed day of departure, we will offer the client to postpone the trip for the next few days. We refund the paid cost of the trip to the clients who refused to postpone the tour.

Become the first!

You are taken by helicopter to the top of the chosen mountain and lowered to completely untouched snow. Why such a method of getting there? Because otherwise it is simply impossible to be here. No more boring, slow and dull funiculars! Heli-skiing is a real freedom. No fences, no restrictions! There are only you, the purest snow, the huge speed of descent and the adrenaline in the blood.

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To make it comfortable to go down, you will need standard equipment:

  • Comfortable, tested skis or snowboard

  • Special suit

  • The minimum set of necessary tools, which includes avalanche sensor, probe and shovel

Wide choice and attractive price

Despite its exclusivity, heli-skiing is characterized by an affordable cost and you can afford to use the service for sure! An important feature is the vastness of the area for skiing. Everything necessary for the magnificent descent was created by nature, you only need to get on the helicopter and get to the right place. After that there is only pure adrenaline! Would you like to book a Heli-skiing tour at a reasonable cost? Our company will not only take you to the selected point of descent but also recommend experienced free-ride instructors!

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