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Charter flight to Poltava

From Kiev to Poltava in just half an hour!

That's how much the flight will take, while it will take at least 4 hours to get on the road in your own car. By bus - accordingly, a little more, taking into account stops along the way and a lower speed. To get there in 30 minutes, it is not necessary to book plane tickets, it is more profitable to use a charter helicopter flight. Our company Helitour offers helicopters that are much more mobile than airplanes, they do not need a runway, they can land on almost any site, measuring 25-30 square meters. Passengers are taken by Robinson R44 helicopters (for 3 people), Eurocopter EC120 (accommodates 4 people), Bell 407 (for 5), all pilots are experienced and reliable, the company has all the necessary licenses and certificates.

Amazing beauty of Poltava

Our services are in demand for mini-excursions, a comfortable flight not only saves the energy of travelers, but also time: instead of 8 hours spent on the way there and back, it takes only an hour. No need to stand in traffic jams and then waste time on rest after an exhausting journey. As if by magic, you will be transported from the capital to Poltava, a famous ancient city of Ukraine, in just 25-30 minutes.

Here you can see:

  • A Round Square and a Corps Garden with amazing architectural monuments;
  • The alley of Gogol's heroes with Taras Bulba, Solokha and Vakula;
  • the Kotlyarevsky estate Museum, where there are more than 5 thousand exhibits;
  • monument to the Poltava galushka, the touch of which gives good luck and prosperity;
  • the Rotunda of People`s Friendship, which is called the Seventh Miracle of Poltava and much more..

And you can also visit the gastronomic center and try the real Poltava galushka, which this region is so famous for. A helicopter flight helps to carve out actually one more day to stay in this amazing city. Here you can celebrate a memorable date or a meeting of old friends, together with a trip by air, participants will get an unforgettable experience. We also accept applications from businessmen, scientists who are in a hurry for business meetings and conferences, when it is very important to save time and effort.

Our conditions and opportunities

Helitour company has been engaged in charter flights for more than one year, has a good reputation and experienced specialists. Such trips are more profitable for passengers, since they are cheaper than air tickets. The more willing, the lower the cost of the flight. The rental price of a particular helicopter model also plays a role, but we always discuss these details with customers.

There are no restrictions on the trip, except, perhaps, the fear of heights, so if you plan to surprise friends or family, be sure to clarify this point. If we are talking about excursions for schoolchildren, then we accept them only accompanied by adults, the age limit in this case is up to 16 years old, elder can go on their own.

The weather can become an unexpected obstacle, flights are prohibited in snowfall and thunderstorms, but a light rain or a light snowball is not a hindrance to the helicopter, the cabin is warm and comfortable, a heating system is provided. To book a flight, you need to go to our website and contact one of these numbers, it is advisable to worry 2-3 days before the scheduled date. It is very easy to find us, the base is located on the territory of the Hydropark, you can get from the center of Kiev in 15 minutes, parking is provided for car owners.

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