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Charter flight to Zhytomyr

Charter flights to Zhytomyr: business trips and excursions

Charter flights are increasingly in demand, and helicopter tours are not only not inferior to airplane tours in popularity, but even surpass them. After all, helicopters can deliver passengers to almost any locality, their advantage is vertical landing and takeoff, the main thing is that there is a piece of land about 30 square meters. And this technique is also capable of hovering at one point, making a 360-degree turn, which makes it possible to demonstrate beautiful views to passengers from a height.

Thanks to mobility, helicopters quickly cover long distances,

for example, you can get from Kiev to Zhytomyr in 60-90 minutes, and on the highway by car it will take at least 2 hours. Helitour company, which specializes in helicopter tours, offers passengers to reduce the distance to minutes..

To Zhytomyr together with Helitour

Our services are in demand for mini-excursions to Zhytomyr, Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC120 and Bell 407 helicopters accommodate groups of 3 to 5 people, teenagers under 16 years old fly only accompanied by adults. This city boasts interesting corners, among the most visited by tourists:

  • Chimera House in the city center;
  • rock "Chatsky's Head";
  • Podilska Church, which was rebuilt in the 90s and received the status of a cathedral;
  • Zamkova Hora, as well as other interesting places that amaze with their beauty.

For those who would like to visit Zhytomyr in a pleasant company, celebrate a birthday or a memorable date, a helicopter trip that will help significantly save time and effort spent on the road will be interesting. We accept applications for corporate flights, transport small groups to press conferences or business meetings..

Guarantees and opportunities

Traveling with Helitour is absolutely safe, we have very experienced pilots and reliable aircraft. We guarantee speed and mobility, besides, the cost of the flight will be cheaper than in an airplane, and the more passengers, the lower the price. It is also influenced by the model of the helicopter, but we discuss these details with customers. If unfavorable weather develops, then the departure is postponed to another time or the next day, after agreement with the customer. If you are not satisfied with the replacement, we return the money. Payment is accepted for both cash and non-cash payment. We accept all comers, only the fear of heights can become an obstacle. Flights are also not recommended for children under 6 years old, kids are often afraid of changing the situation and hovering above the ground.

It is not difficult to find us, we are based on the territory of the Hydropark, you can get from the center of Kiev in 15 minutes, convenient parking is provided for customers by car. To contact Helitour representatives to rent a helicopter, you can use the phone number listed on the website.

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