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Charter flight to Kherson

Charter to Kherson: business and personal trips

Today, airlines pay more attention to foreign flights or flights from one major regional center to another in the charter format. And settlements within the country, even if they have airports, remain uncovered, although no one has canceled contacts between them. Helitour decided to fill this gap and organized charter flights between cities within the country on helicopters, not airplanes. And this greatly simplifies the task, since the helicopter does not need a runway to take off and land, there is enough space from 25 to 30 square meters.

Thus, we move the client directly from point to point, and there is no need to look for transport to get from the airport to the desired locality or hitchhike.

Features with Helitour

Charter flights to Kherson allow passengers to enjoy the sea in the warm season, because some of the resorts in the region are located on the Black Sea, and some on the Azov Seas. We make flights not only directly to Kherson – at the request of the client, we can develop an individual route and drop off even near Lazurne, even on the island Jarylgach. The road will take a little time, which will save it for a beach holiday. But this is only one of the options. Business trips, conferences, corporate parties – we accept orders from everyone, we are ready to discuss the time and point of delivery with the client.

Our routes cover all regional centers of Ukraine, which is beneficial for customers, because the trip will cost an order of magnitude cheaper than by plane, especially considering that you still need to get to the city from the airport. Our Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC120, Bell 407 helicopters are capable of carrying from 3 to 5 passengers, taking into account additional cargo.

What determines the price of a charter flight to Kherson:

  • helicopter models;
  • number of people;
  • ranges – if you need to land in the area, the costs may increase.

The most important thing is to save time and effort, despite the fact that a helicopter flight will be no less comfortable than an airplane on official airlines.

How to contact us?

To book a charter flight, you need to go to the website and contact us at one of these phones. The base is located on the territory of the Hydropark, you can get from the center of Kiev in 15 minutes. For those who have personal vehicles, parking is provided. If necessary, we can pick up customers from the specified point, as long as there is a place where the helicopter can land. If this is private property, the issue must be agreed with the owners.

We try to take into account the weather conditions, as flights are prohibited during thunderstorms and snowfall. If the forecast is unfavorable, the managers notify the client about it and postpone the departure time for several hours or the next day. If this option does not suit, the company returns the money paid for the flight.

We recommend everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to get to Kherson in just half an hour, it is beneficial for recreation, for trade, and for business trips. Helitour company is always glad to meet new customers and interesting flights!

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