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Charter flight to Medzhybizh

Charter flight to Medzhybizh

Medzhybizh is a wonderful historical and cultural reserve located near Khmelnitsky and annually attracts masses of tourists. This is the oldest settlement, which, according to historical data, was founded at the beginning of the XII century. During its existence, it was conquered by the Golden Horde, which was replaced in turn by Lithuanians, Poles, Turks and other conquerors. Despite all this, the settlement has survived to this day, preserving a lot of valuable historical attractions. Helitour company offers a convenient and fast way to visit the reserve – a charter flight to Medzhybizh in the best comfortable conditions.

Helitour company offers a convenient and fast way to visit the reserve – a charter flight to Medzhybizh in the best comfortable conditions.

The main advantage of the charter flight Kiev-Medzhybizh is the opportunity to reach your destination in a short time. You will not need to be crowded in public transport surrounded by other passengers or languish in endless traffic jams when traveling by car – the flight will take place at high speed in comfortable conditions. We have a fleet of aircrafts at our disposal, among which you can choose a helicopter designed for a company of  3 to 6 people. At the same time, you will find yourself surrounded by exceptionally close people and the pilot, you will be able to have an interesting time in a relaxed atmosphere, get an adrenaline rush on turns.

Of course, the undoubted advantage of renting a Kiev-Medzhybizh helicopter is the chance to enjoy an exceptional panoramic view from the windows. From a height of several hundred meters, you will be able to see the expanses of the areas encountered on the way of the flight, which is absolutely impossible when traveling in a car, walking. Even flying by plane will not provide such sensations, since excessively high speed and altitude simply do not allow you to consider the terrain in detail. You will have an exceptional opportunity to appreciate the grandeur of the ancient Medzhybizhsky castle-fortress, the walls of which have repeatedly repelled the attacks of enemy troops, the beauty of the Rotunda Church, the Church of St. John the Divine and many other valuable historical sites. The flight will bring the most unforgettable sensations and will remain in the memory for a lifetime.

How to order a Kiev-Medzhybizh helicopter rental in Helitour?

It is better to book a helicopter rental in advance. You can quickly order a charter flight directly on the website. Next, our manager will communicate with you, who will answer in detail all questions concerning the trip, help you decide on the time, model of the helicopter and make an application. We have all the necessary licenses and insurance for passenger transportation, which makes our services a priority in the market. Helicopter rental is possible at any time of the year, provided that weather conditions do not prevent departure.

By booking a charter flight to Medzhybozh, you can make a nice gift to yourself or your loved ones. Even if you are alone, but you want to have an interesting time in the company, just contact our managers who will be able to choose the best option. Here you can purchase a certificate for renting a helicopter from Kiev and be sure that such a gift will always be appreciated by the recipients, especially since it is valid for several months, and the owner will be able to independently determine the time and date of the flight. It will be a wonderful gift for a relative, a friend, a married couple, and perhaps the best option in a romantic setting to offer a hand and heart to your beloved.

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