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Charter flight to Dnipro

Charter flight to Dnipro

Helitour company offers to solve difficulties with overcoming significant distances in Ukraine with the help of charter flights. We offer to go to Dnipro on a comfortable helicopter designed to transport a group of 3-6 people, but this does not mean that you will have to wait until all passenger seats are booked. The helicopter will take off at a strictly appointed time, and the operator will pick up a car for you that will allow you to comfortably fly to the Dnipro.

A charter flight to Dnipro is an opportunity to quickly arrive from Kiev for an important business meeting, to avoid traffic jams and pits that are constantly encountered on the highway. We will arrange a charter flight for a group of your employees, who will go to Dnipro to conduct an inspection at a branch of the company. Compared to flights, the cost of a helicopter charter is much more attractive.

Why does business prefer helicopter charter?

Helicopter rentals for moving around Ukraine are popular for several reasons:

  • the flight takes 5 times less time than traveling by car;
  • there is no oncoming traffic on the way, the possibility of an emergency situation is excluded;
  • flight safety due to technically sound equipment and pilot experience;
  • the possibility of choosing a helicopter according to the number of passengers;
  • we provide licensed services;
  • customers are insured in flight against unforeseen situations.

For business representatives, renting helicopters is saving their time, which costs much more than a charter. Thanks to the punctuality of the pilots, passengers will get to the Dnipro on time. The flight will not cause negative emotions - the pilots do not allow emergency situations, are polite and sociable.

Excursions over Kiev

Customers who used to rent helicopters repeatedly turn to Helitour operators – they order both flights around Ukraine and fascinating air walks over Kiev. Our catalog offers several options for flights over the capital – they differ not only in duration, but also in route.

For people who are interested in a short flight, a 12-minute tour is suitable – a helicopter will fly over Trukhanov Island, the Nothern Bridge, Monument to the Friendship of Nations, pedestrian bridge across the Dnieper and other objects. During the flight, tourists take pictures of the surroundings of Kiev, admire the coastal landscapes and city panoramas.

If you want to see more sights of Kiev, look from a height at the Yanukovych residence, Mezhyhirya National Park, we offer sightseeing flights for 42 or 30 minutes. When developing routes, we include the most picturesque places of the capital, the largest objects that look especially majestic from a helicopter.

Each of the proposed tours can be ordered as a gift to colleagues, friends, relatives. A helicopter tour is a great gift for people of any age, for any calendar or personal holiday. Call the operator and place an order for a gift certificate – give your loved ones vivid emotions.

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