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Charter flight to Chernihiv

Charter to Chernihiv by helicopter: personal air transport

Today, renting a helicopter for a personal trip or moving a group of several people within Ukraine is becoming an increasingly popular service, since the modern rhythm of life and the business sphere requires the most efficient use of time, which it is desirable not to spend on long targeted trips in vehicles. A charter flight by helicopter allows you to shorten the distance as much as possible if you need an emergency business trip to Chernihiv. The distance to the city from Kiev is about 150 km, so to cover it by car, it will take about 2 hours of tedious travel. By helicopter, the flight will take less than an hour.

As for the advantages of a charter flight before flying by plane, it is obvious. You can order the service personally - at a clearly specified departure time, get to the target object comfortably in the shortest possible time, land in the immediate vicinity of the destination. At the same time, the cost of the service is inferior to the price of the ticket. In addition, during the trip, you can get a substantial portion of adrenaline and view the crossed territory from a height, consider individual objects, having experienced a lot of pleasure from the panorama that opens your eyes, which, of course, is impossible to see from a height of several kilometers from the cabin of the helicopter.

Business and entertainment trips to Chernihiv on helicopter

Chernihiv is a large business center of Ukraine, which is characterized by a high level of development of the industrial industry and entrepreneurial activity. If you need an urgent flight from Kiev to Chernihiv to participate in conferences, attend exhibitions for business purposes, for business negotiations, signing cooperation agreements or solving other pressing problems, the best option would be to rent a helicopter for a VIP-level charter flight. This will not only allow you to quickly and conveniently solve the task, but also emphasize the high status of those who arrived at the place, increase the authority and level of trust in the company's representatives, which will favorably affect further business activities and long-term cooperation with the company of interest.

In addition, the flight to Chernihiv can be carried out not only for business, but also for cultural purposes. The city is characterized by a rich history, there are many attractions that are worth visiting, going on an exciting excursion to Chernihiv with minimal time spent on a flight. Also, cultural and sports events are often held in the city, bringing together interested persons from all over Ukraine. Thus, renting a helicopter for an operational visit to Chernihiv by a group of 3 to 5 people is one of the most acceptable options in terms of comfort, saving time and money.

Key advantages of charter helicopter flights to Chernihiv from Helitour

Helitour airfield is located in the Hydropark in Kiev, includes helicopters of different classes: Robinson R44 Raven II, Eurocopter EC120, Bell 407, differing in passenger capacity, flight range and speed. Depending on the client's requests and financial capabilities, the optimal helicopter model will be selected for the comfortable delivery of passengers to Chernihiv.

Flight safety is ensured by the impeccable technical condition of helicopters and experienced pilots – professionals in their field, as well as the availability of licenses and insurance. Charter flight services are provided in any season – passengers are provided with comfortable conditions in the cabin.

Flights can be booked for any day, having previously made a reservation through the website or by contacting our representatives at the phone numbers listed on the website.

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