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Charter flight to Gadyach

Charter flight to Gadyach

Helicopter flights have become quite a popular service nowadays. It is in demand among businessmen and people who value time and cannot afford to spend it on long journeys. There are also many people who want to fly by helicopter as an air walk, an interesting journey, during which you can not only experience a flurry of adrenaline, get acquainted with the basics of air transport management, but also enjoy the panorama of attractions.

Fly on helicopter over Gadyach: treat yourself to an unforgettable weekend

Gadyach is a city with a rich historical heritage. Founded in the XVI century, after a short time it had a special status in Ukraine, was the hetman's residence of I. Bryukhovetsky, the birthplace of the famous Ukrainian figure Dragomanov, the place of temporary residence of Lesya Ukrainka. There are many interesting places that are worth visiting to get acquainted with the historical heritage. A charter flight to Gadyach will allow you to see the sights from a height of several hundred meters without any reference to the time frame. Flights are made at any time of the year, on working days, weekends, holidays. You can choose a helicopter for a company of  3 to 6 people.

It is worth flying by helicopter over Gadyach in order to assess the scale of the sights, to explore the places where the issue of the Hetmanate's transition to the Polish-Lithuanian state was once decided, where cultural monuments and a beautiful landscape park are located. Only from a height you can admire the wide expanses of Ukrainian nature, areas where hundreds of plants listed in the Red Book grow, meadows with the best representatives of Ukrainian flora and, of course, a majestic oak grove, which is about 300 years old.

A helicopter charter flight is an opportunity to fly at a time convenient for you. To get to Gadyach, you will not need to travel for several hours in an inconvenient transport - the flight ensures the fastest possible arrival to your destination in comfortable conditions. At the same time, you will enjoy the flight itself. Vertical takeoff and landing, dizzying turns – all this will provide a lot of impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime. During the flight, you can take wonderful pictures and videos that will replenish the family archive or become a successful working material telling about the historical sights of Ukraine.

Charter flight to Gadyach with Helitour: fast, comfortable and safe

Helicopter flights are a specialty of Helitour. Our staff consists of professional pilots with extensive experience who will provide the necessary consultations before the flight, ensure the journey in compliance with all safety requirements. Flights are carried out on such helicopters as the six-seat Bell 407, the multi-purpose Eurocopter EC120 for 4 passengers, Robinson R44 Raven II, each of which regularly undergoes technical inspection, being a reliable vehicle that guarantees safety.

Ordering a helicopter rental from Helitour is possible for a flight to any locality in Ukraine where there are appropriate conditions for landing. You can leave a request on the website, and our manager will contact you to clarify the details of the flight.

Every person who has experienced the amazing sensations of flying in a helicopter at least once in his life will want to repeat them more than once. You can give yourself and your loved ones these unforgettable emotions. You can buy a gift certificate from us and make an unexpected creative gift that will undoubtedly be appreciated.

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