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Charter flight to Vinntsia

Charter to Vinnitsa by helicopter – operational personal transit

Despite the fact that charter flights are not an innovation in transport services for overcoming significant distances without ground obstacles, ordering a personal helicopter for air travel of a small group or personal transit has many advantages over aviation charters.

This is not just comfortable, convenient and profitable air transport, but also having a number of positive aspects related to the peculiarities of take-off and landing, as well as the height of flying. The helicopter does not need a runway – it can take off and land vertically, which only requires a territory equipped in accordance with the rules within the city, or a suburban area of at least  25 meters in diameter. This gives additional opportunities for emergency delivery of passengers in close proximity to the target object – there is no need to go to the airport and then spend time on transit through the city to the desired object.

In addition, the helicopter provides a visual overview of the intersected territory and the possibility of spectacular aerial photography, while only beautiful clouds are visible from the height of the aircraft movement, and the ability to shoot photo frames is quite limited by small windows.

Big business not only sets tasks, but also opens up opportunities. For example, there is an option to purchase your own air transport, but if personal flights are made irregularly, then constantly maintaining a helicopter is not the most optimal solution. In this case, it is reasonable to simply carry out helicopter charter flight orders as needed.

Thus, if you need to fly to Vinnytsia urgently to solve business problems, personal or household issues, or just have a desire to spend your leisure time pleasantly and usefully, visiting the city for a weekend excursion, it is worth ordering a helicopter Kiev-Vinnytsia from Helitour.

Flights to Vinnytsia by charter flights from Helitour: safety, comfort, service

Our company provides comfortable charter flights throughout Ukraine. There are helicopters of different categories – for short-term flights and for overcoming impressive distances. Charters to major cities of Ukraine are provided with helicopters of a high level of comfort, designed for a relatively long flight – from an hour to several hours.

A comfortable and cozy cabin, a comfortable microclimate inside the cabin in any season, as well as safe transit, along with the presentable appearance of modern aircraft of the Helitour fleet, will ensure the prestige of the flight and maximum ergonomics of passengers. Visibility is important for a helicopter - it does not fly exclusively through controlled air corridors like airplanes, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. There are no obstacles in the daytime, except for extreme ones, which, however, interfere with visibility when moving both ground and air transport - heavy snowfall or heavy rain, saturated fog. Also, helicopters do not fly at night – landing at the base facility must take place before sunset in any season of the year.

How to order a helicopter flight to Vinnitsa right now?

Send a preliminary request for a charter flight to Vinnytsia at any time of the day – this can be done quickly online from the Helitour company website. Our managers will call back and be sure to clarify all the nuances of the flight, pick up the helicopter corresponding to the order and announce the cost. Please note that helicopter flights are made exclusively during the daytime (landing must be completed before dark), so you need to plan the departure time in advance, taking into account the required duration of the flight and the time of subsequent landing at the destination.

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