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Charter flight to Kropyvnytskyi

Charter flight to Kropyvnytskyi

Are you planning a business trip to Kropyvnytskyi? Minimize the time on the road, leave it for visiting local attractions. This is possible thanks to the services of Helitour – we will arrange for you a charter flight to Kropyvnytskyi, taking into account all your wishes. The duration of the flight is 5 times shorter than the trip by car. A modern helicopter will not meet vehicles rushing towards it, dust will not appear in the cabin, which significantly reduces the level of comfort when traveling on the roads of Ukraine. Experienced pilots operate air transport in compliance with safety rules, always lift the helicopter into the air at a strictly appointed time. The only obstacle that can become an obstacle to timely departure is non-flying weather.

Advantages of a charter flight

Air transport services are used by businessmen, public people, citizens who value their own time and do not intend to spend it on downtime in traffic jams, long trips by trains, cars. Why waste time if you can use a helicopter charter, having received certain privileges:

  • safety – helicopters are sent to charter flights in perfect technical condition, under the control of pilots with numerous flight hours;
  • licensed services – Helitour company has received a license for helicopter flights within the state borders of Ukraine;
  • insurance – all passengers on charter flights are insured;
  • helicopter selection – when ordering a service, the operator selects a helicopter in accordance with the number of seats, speed characteristics, flight range.

A charter flight to Kropyvnytskyi is a comfortable, short flight, during which a passenger can read documents or take a break from working days, enjoying the Ukrainian landscapes from a bird's-eye view. Group and individual charter flights are possible.

Helicopter tours

Helitour organizes not only charters, but also sightseeing flights over Kiev and other areas of Ukraine. It is easy to book a group tour over the bridges of Kiev – South (the highest in Ukraine), North, Paton Bridge, as well as a visit to Mezhyhirya, located near the Kiev Sea. An alternative option is a flight over Mezhyhirya and Kiev, lasting for 30 minutes. The most budget option for sightseeing the capital from a bird's-eye view is an excursion over Kiev (12 minutes).

Helitour pilots will conduct an excursion over Pripyat and Chornobyl, you can spend part of the weekend flying over a flooded church – an indescribable beauty will open before the eyes of the passenger. Capture a beautiful landscape from a helicopter, but without opening the window.

Give yourself and your family vivid impressions, book seats in a comfortable helicopter. Perhaps this will be the most memorable weekend in your life – bright, unusual, spent with your family. In our company you can order gift certificates for any excursion, charter, extreme descent from the peaks of the Carpathians. Seat reservations are available to customers from all over Ukraine, but any of the excursions starts at the airfield of the Hydropark.

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