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Charter flight to Cherkasy

Charter flight to Cherkasy

If you need to get to Cherkasy quickly, you can use the services of Helitour, which can arrange a charter flight to any city in Ukraine. Helicopter flights can be booked for either one person or a group of people. Who is suitable for a charter flight to Cherkasy? People who value their time: for example, businessmen who need to get to a business meeting urgently, or those who simply do not want to spend a lot of time on a trip.

The Kiev — Cherkassy route takes 2 hours and 22 minutes (192 km) by car. Using the services of Helitour companies, you can get to your destination 5 times faster. In addition, during the flight there are beautiful views of the cities and their surroundings.

To book a flight for the nearest date, you need to call the number listed on the website. The operator will consult on the cost, availability of available helicopters and coordinate the flight time.

Advantages of a charter flight

Charter flights in Ukraine are in demand among people who are engaged in business, doing business all over the country. If you have to regularly visit different cities, and sometimes you need to visit several places at once in one day, you will certainly be interested in the services of Helitour.

Advantages of a charter flight:

  • the flight speed is faster than a car ride;

  • comfortable conditions;

  • absence of emergency situations that often occur on the roads;

  • safety, passenger insurance;

  • the ability to choose a helicopter for individuals, groups of people.

The company cares about its customers and reputation, therefore it offers high-quality services and is responsible for them. Before starting the organization of flights in Ukraine by helicopter, Helitour company received an official license to transport passengers by air. We employ exclusively professional pilots with many years of experience.

We guarantee safety because we use serviceable equipment and check it before each departure. An experienced technician inspects a helicopter at the Kiev airfield in the Hydropark. Passengers also receive mandatory insurance. We employ only experienced pilots who guarantee safety during the flight.

Sights of Cherkasy

Passengers can enjoy the views of the city and its surroundings during the flight. Not far from the bank of the Dnieper is the Valley of Roses Park, next to it is a memorial to the memory of the dead residents of Cherkasy during World War II. Not far from them is the Buddhist temple "The White Lotus", which was built in the style of Chinese architecture. Today it is considered the largest Buddhist temple in Europe.

St. Michael's Cathedral is considered the largest church in Ukraine. It is made in the Byzantine style according to the project of Metropolitan Sophrony, a member of the Academy of Architecture of Ukraine.

After the flight to Cherkasy, those who wish can order a helicopter tour over the capital. This option of spending the weekend will appeal to every lover of adventure and new experiences. On our website, you can choose a suitable tour, during which you can fly not only over the center of Kiev, but also enjoy the views of Mezhyhirya.

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