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Charter flight to Kharkiv

Helicopter rental is a convenient way to travel around Ukraine

Many people often have to face the need to visit different cities of our country. This is especially true for business people or senior managers whose business is conducted throughout Ukraine and requires constant monitoring. Car crossings over long distances are quite tedious, because sitting for a long time without moving is not comfortable even in the most comfortable chair. Speed limits on the roads make the trip long in time, and adverse weather conditions often limit the speed of movement. Because of these inconveniences, the car cannot be called the most convenient vehicle for a trip, for example, from Kiev to Kharkiv.

Intercity trains develop high speed, but have very few flights, so they very rarely give the opportunity to arrive at their destination at the right time. The short flight time by plane is more than compensated by the time on the way to and from the airport, passing control procedures and waiting for your flight. Renting a helicopter allows you to avoid almost all inconveniences, go on a trip exactly on schedule and arrive from Kiev to Kharkiv in just a few hours. You can rent a suitable helicopter from Helitour.

How to book a charter flight to Kharkiv?

It is quite simple to do this. It is enough to contact the Helitour company manager by phone and agree on the date and time of departure, the number of passengers. After that, choose the appropriate helicopter. Helitour 's fleet consists of such helicopters:

  • Robinson R44;
  • Eurocopter EC120;
  • Bell 407.

The Robinson R44 helicopter is able to accommodate three passengers in its cabin. Its cruising speed is 180 kilometers per hour. The flight range is 560 kilometers. These characteristics are quite enough to quickly get from Kiev to Kharkiv.

A Eurocopter EC120 helicopter with a cruising speed of 200 km/h and a flight range of 770 kilometers is well suited for a group of four people. Bell 407 is able to deliver five passengers from Kiev to Kharkiv at a speed of 246 kilometers per hour, at a distance of up to 600 kilometers without refueling.

The Helitour airfield is located on the territory of the Hydropark, for your convenience, there is a car parking on it. It is possible to choose another landing place according to your preferences, however, it is necessary to take into account the fact that helicopter landing in the city on undeveloped sites is prohibited, it is better to choose a place outside the city.

Why is renting a helicopter from Helitour profitable and safe?

The pricing policy of Helitour allows us to assert that a charter flight for a company of 3-5 people by helicopter from Kiev to Kharkiv will be lower in cost than a flight on a regular flight of any airline. In addition, such a trip will be much more convenient and interesting.

The safety of passengers during a charter flight is guaranteed by the availability of all permits. The presence of an insurance certificate provides material compensation to passengers in case of loss or damage to property, receiving bodily injuries of varying severity. The operator's certificate issued by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine confirms the right of Helitour to carry out commercial flights. All helicopter vehicles have certificates of airworthiness revision. The license of the State Aviation Service of our country allows passenger transportation throughout the territory of Ukraine. Travel around Ukraine profitably and safely on Helitour helicopters.

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