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Charter flight to Lutsk

Charter flight to Lutsk

Most of the residents of Ukraine know that you can get from Kiev to Lutsk by car or by rail. However, for people whose time is limited and expensive, it is not always convenient. The optimal type of travel in this case will be a helicopter charter. You can order a flight to Helitour on any convenient date, which is very convenient for those who appreciate every minute, do not want to stand in traffic jams, adjust to the train schedule. The flight from Lutsk to Kiev takes only 2.5 hours (by car the same distance can be overcome in 5 hours 8 minutes). The flight takes place without refueling. Besides the fact that you will save time and comfortably get to your destination, the trip will be very exciting. Seeing half the country from a height is a great way to spend time in flight.

Advantages of helicopter flights

The main requirement for the flight is comfort. If it is convenient for you, then rest will bring maximum pleasure, and work will be more productive, because you will not have to be distracted by trifles. Helicopter charter from Kiev is the most convenient way to travel, which has a number of features and advantages:

  • Speed – the round trip takes 5 hours. You can additionally agree on the duration of parking in Lutsk if you plan a short stay in the city;
  • Comfort – you do not have to drive in a car on not the best roads and languish in traffic jams, adjust to the train schedule. Do you plan the departure date yourself;
  • Helicopter selection – our fleet has helicopters for both individual travelers and groups;
  • Cost – all the advantages of travel are fully paid off with a reasonable price;
  • Cognitive – throughout the flight you can see most of the country, which tourists will certainly like;
  • Safety – the company employs experienced pilots with high qualifications and all the necessary certificates. The machines undergo a thorough technical inspection before each flight;
  • Insurance – passenger life insurance is a mandatory procedure. The insurance policy is included in the client's package of documents.

Helicopter charter allows you to quickly, conveniently and safely get to Lutsk at any time convenient for you. If the flight is impossible due to weather conditions, you will be offered alternative dates or money will be refunded. Before the trip, you will be able to get acquainted with your pilot, get a detailed briefing on safety rules during the flight.

What is remarkable about Lutsk?

Lutsk is a beautiful ancient city in the west of Ukraine. Its close location to the border with Europe makes it attractive not only for tourists, but also for business. If the city is attractive for entrepreneurs due to its geographical proximity to Europe, then travelers will also find a lot of things to do here. There is a lot to see in the city – old places, cozy coffee shops, churches, museums, a zoo, the famous Lubart Castle. When visiting the castle, together with an entrance ticket, it is better to immediately purchase an additional guided tour of the tower.

Why should you contact us? The main features of our company are responsibility and a high level of customer service. You can order a flight to Lutsk in Helitour in any way convenient for you: you can leave a request on our website, write to us at the specified address or call. Our operators will contact you as soon as possible and clarify all the details of the trip, your specific wishes.

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