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Charter flight to Chernivtsi

Charter flight to Chernivtsi: 3 hours 30 minutes, and you are there!

This service is provided by Helitour, which is based in Kiev, we specialize in helicopter tours not only in Kiev and its surroundings, but also in other cities of Ukraine. Bukovina often attracts tourists, which we have taken into account in the list of our routes. We offer a flight to Chernivtsi - a city that "was the secret capital of Europe, where sidewalks were swept with bouquets of roses." And today there is something to see there. The journey by private car will take about 7 hours, and the helicopter will deliver in just three and a half hours!

Passengers can use several Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC120 and Bell 407 helicopters, which carry groups of 3 to 5 people. We have very experienced pilots, the company has all the necessary licenses and certificates.

Beauty of Chernivtsi

A charter flight on helicopter helps to significantly save time that can be spent on rest and acquaintance with the ancient city.

Therefore, there is a demand for mini-excursions, press conferences and business meetings. Birthday, corporate events, a landmark family date will be remembered especially, thanks to an unusual journey through the air and the beauty of the city.

Здесь стоит посмотреть:

  • the former residence of the Bukovina metropolitans;
  • Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus;
  • The Turkish well on St. Mary's Square and many other interesting places.

Fans of skiing often book a tour to Mount Tsetsino, where not only a wonderful vacation is available, but there is also a landscape park, places covered with legends and a haze of antiquity. The helicopter tour is convenient because it does not require a strip for take-off and landing, there is enough land up to 30 square meters, the cabin always has a comfortable temperature, for the cold season the equipment is equipped with special heaters.

There are no obstacles to travel, except, perhaps, the fear of heights, so if a surprise is planned, it is better to check with friends and family this aspect in advance. It is undesirable to take kids up to 6 years old on a trip, children are also often afraid of heights, and instead of joyful impressions they can get stress. As for teenagers under the age of 16, they are accepted on board only accompanied by adults.

Fast, high-quality, convenient

A charter flight to Chernivtsi by helicopter will cost even cheaper than an airplane, and the larger the company, the cheaper the flight will cost. This is due to the fact that the helicopter can fly directly, advantageously reducing distances and fuel reserves.

You need to book a place 2-3 days before the expected date, but you also need to take into account the vagaries of the weather. Our pilots are not afraid of rain and light snow, but flying in a blizzard, thunderstorm and low clouds is prohibited by safety regulations. Therefore, in case of an unfavorable forecast, we suggest that the client postpone the departure time or do it the next day. If this option does not suit, we return the money. Payment is accepted both in cash and by card.

It is not difficult to find us, we are based on the territory of the Hydropark, it is not difficult to get from the center of Kiev, parking is provided for owners of personal vehicles. You can make an order for a helicopter rental for a flight from Kiev to Chernivtsi on the website or by calling our phone number..

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