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Charter flight to Kryvyi Rih

Charter flight to Kryvyi Rih

Helitour company organizes helicopter flights in Ukraine. By contacting our representatives, you can book a charter flight to Kryvyi Rih for a private person or a group of people. Anyone who does not want to waste time traveling by train, car or minibus should use the services of our company and hit the road with an experienced pilot.

The duration of a car ride on the Kiev-Kriviy Rig route is 5 hours 54 minutes (420 km). Charter is 5 times faster, which allows you to get to the city in less than 1.5 hours. During the flight, you can enjoy the beautiful views and sights of Kryvyi Rih.

To make a reservation for a flight, you should call the contact phone number in order to coordinate with the operator a convenient time for the flight.

Advantages of a charter flight

Helicopter flights are popular among Ukrainians who have to visit different cities often. The company's services are often used by businessmen, bankers, representatives of firms who regularly visit branches of their companies located in different parts of Ukraine. Business people can have several meetings a day in different cities of the country, so helicopter flights allow them to:

  • save time on the road;

  • arrive at the meeting on time;

  • overcome long distances in comfortable conditions;

  • avoid traffic jams and accidents, other emergency situations on the roads.

The company's fleet has several helicopters of different capacities, among which there are those that are suitable for transporting a group consisting of several people or one private person.

Helitour company provides high-quality services and takes a responsible attitude to its work. Before we started organizing helicopter flights, we received a license to transport passengers around Ukraine. Air transport is operated only by experienced pilots with many years of experience. Therefore, the safety of passengers is guaranteed.

Before carrying out a charter flight to Kryvyi Rih or any other cities of the country, each helicopter is checked by a mechanic at the airfield in the Hydropark for malfunctions. In addition, each passenger is insured for the duration of the flight, which is also an advantage of Helitour.

What to see in Kryvyi Rih?

During the flight, you can see not only the central part of the city, but also its surroundings. The St. George Bell Tower is located on Mira Avenue, which is considered a holy place where people come for spiritual purification. The building was painted by the hands of the masters of the Kryvyi Rih Icon Painting school named after A. Rublev.

The Church of the Nativity of Christ, which was founded in 1886, is located on Chernovola Street. On the square of the 30th anniversary of Victory there is the Transfiguration Cathedral, which in 2003 was consecrated by Metropolitan Vladimir..

In addition to architecture, you can enjoy the views of the waterfall "White Stones", as well as the rocks "Eagle's Nest" and "Malaya Orlinka". In the vicinity of Krivoy Rog there is a lake Bowl, waterfall West and East, Slate rocks, White Mountain. After visiting Kryvyi Rih, you can order a helicopter flight over Kiev. This is an unusual vacation option that will leave impressions for many years. Our company offers various flight options so that passengers can choose the optimal time and cost.

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