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Charter flight to Uzhhorod

Charter flight to Uzhgorod

Charter flights are in increasing demand every year. This is a simple, and most importantly – a quick way to get to the desired locality. Renting a helicopter allows you to solve a lot of problems. This service is often used by heads of enterprises, organizations, if you need to attend an important conference, business negotiations. Charter flights can send employees on an emergency business trip. It's also a great way for busy people to break out for the weekend with minimal time spent on moving. And with all this, you can always get an unforgettable experience from the flight itself.

Helicopter charter flights from Helitour

When ordering a helicopter rental to Uzhgorod, you will not have to languish in a busy public transport or car, stand in traffic jams - the flight will be as comfortable as possible and will give pleasure from the trip. The main advantages of renting a helicopter are:

  • relatively low cost, if compared, for example, with airplane tickets;
  • high speed flight in a straight line to the destination;
  • possibility to book both individual and collective flight;
  • minimum requirements for landing – in order for the helicopter to land, it is enough to have a platform with an area of 25-30 square meters. This is worth considering for those who prefer country holidays, fishing or hunting in remote areas;
  • flight in the company of only the pilot and close people;
  • privacy.

Charter flights from Helitour are made on high-speed roomy helicopters with a long flight range, such as Robinson R44 Raven II (for 3 passengers), Bell 407 (6 passengers), Eurocopter EC120 (for 4 passengers). The cabins are equipped with comfortable seating, windows, a special design of which offers a wonderful panoramic view. We can conduct flights in any season – our passengers will feel comfortable during the flight both in hot and cold seasons. We have all the necessary licenses and insurance, which is an important factor when choosing services.

Another important plus in favor of a charter flight for business people is prestige. Arriving at an important meeting or event by light helicopter is a kind of demonstration of the company's solvency, the high status of the head and, at the same time, an opportunity to demonstrate respect for an important event and all those present, because you can be sure that you will arrive on time.

How to book a charter flight to Uzhgorod in Helitour?

You can order a helicopter rental by the phone number listed on the website, or online by filling out an application - then our manager will contact you in a short time to clarify all the details. You can book a flight for any convenient day, including weekends, holidays. The flight time is calculated so that the helicopter can arrive at the launch pad before sunset. It is also worth considering that in winter the daylight hours are much shorter. Therefore, before booking a charter flight, think about the time of departure, and also check out the prices and modes of transport on our website.

We provide flights to any localities in Ukraine, with the exception of temporarily occupied territories. If you need to get to your destination quickly, renting helicopters from Helitour is the right, profitable solution. In addition, our company provides entertainment flight services, during which you can get acquainted with the sights of the capital, the surrounding area, appreciate the beauty of the panorama from a bird's-eye view.

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