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Charter flight to Zaporizhzhia

Helicopter rental in Kiev for a charter flight to Zaporizhia – fast and comfortable flight

Zaporizhye is a large metropolis of Ukraine with a huge industrial potential, hundreds of enterprises, shopping, cultural and sports centers, as well as a rich historical heritage, which ensures a high level of attendance of the city for both business and tourist purposes.

The need for an urgent arrival in Zaporizhia may arise for various reasons – holding an emergency meeting with partners, coordination of documentation, inspection of facilities, urgent conclusion of a profitable deal or troubleshooting equipment that requires the urgent involvement of a specialist.

Often, leisure activities, for example, a weekend for the purpose of excursions to Zaporizhia, sightseeing, visiting historical sites, requires minimizing the time to arrive in the city. A visit to the city with minimal time spent on a flight, while with maximum comfort, will provide a Kiev-Zaporizhia helicopter rental, so that you can get to your destination in the shortest possible time, not comparable to a trip by land transport. Also, moving by plane is not always the best option – the cost of flights is quite high, in addition, you will have to spend considerable time on the way to the airport.

The undeniable advantage of traveling by helicopter is also the opportunity for passengers to enjoy the landscapes and landscapes that come off from a height of several hundred meters, to conduct aerial photography, which makes the trip especially exciting, useful and enjoyable..

Helitour private helicopter flight services

Helitour's airfield is located in a Hydropark, but it is also possible to land customers in another place, which requires compliance with certain conditions – the presence of an equipped platform in the city or an open area outside the city – all issues are pre-agreed with the company's managers.

By ordering an individual charter flight by helicopter Kiev-Zaporizhzhia, customers receive many advantages:

  • rapid transit to the destination via a direct air route without any obstacles;
  • stay in an ergonomic cabin with comfortable flight conditions;
  • the presence of a luggage compartment.

Helitour Company has official licenses for passenger flights and insurance. Flight safety is ensured by a thorough technical inspection of the vessel before each departure, and the helicopters are operated by experienced qualified pilots.

Ordering an emergency charter in Zaporizhia

You can rent a helicopter for an emergency flight to Zaporozhye for both one person and a group of 3 to 5 passengers. Helitour's fleet of aircraft includes helicopters with different passenger capacity and technical parameters designed for a certain flight range. Depending on the wishes of the client, the most optimal option will be selected.

You can book a Kiev-Zaporizhzhia helicopter for any day by placing an application online in advance and contacting Helitour managers to clarify the details of the flight, the time of landing and arrival at the destination, the cost of the tour. An important condition is that the landing must be carried out before dark, so it is also necessary to calculate the departure time depending on the duration of daylight in different seasons of the year.

If weather conditions (heavy snowfall, fog, low dense clouds) do not allow for departure within a pre-specified period, the client will be offered other options based on the weather forecast, another time or day of departure may be agreed.

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