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Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you want to present an unusual birthday gift to your beloved woman, relative or friend? Present a helicopter flight to a loved one. Air travel will certainly bring unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions to the birthday boy. Such a surprise will never be forgotten — it will leave pleasant memories for many years.

Flying brings an indescribable feeling of unity with the sky. Traveling by helicopter is not comparable to a passenger liner flight, where you just sit in a chair and fly above the clouds. The helicopter ride is carried out at a low altitude, so during the trip you can admire the beautiful natural landscapes and sights of the cities.

Which helicopter tour to book?

Helitour company provides an opportunity to make an incredible journey through the sky by helicopter. For this purpose, the company has developed special gift certificates for sightseeing flights in Ukraine. Each trip follows its own route and has a fixed duration. The company can book such helicopter excursions:

  • flight over Kiev lasting from  12 till 24 minutes;
  • flight over Kiev and Mezhyhirya — 30 min.;
  • a long journey across the sky over the bridges of Kiev and Mezhyhirya — 42 min.;
  • helicopter ride to Pripyat and Chernobyl — 110 min.;
  • excursion to the village Gusintsy to the church on the water — 66 min.

Taking to the sky, the tour participants will see the unsurpassed beauty of the capital. Passengers will be able to enjoy the sights of Kiev from a bird’s-eye view. During the tour, the city opens up in a new light: tour participants can see the sights of the capital from an unusual angle.

A flight to Mezhyhirya will allow you to feel the luxury of the residence of the fugitive president. There are large hunting grounds and park areas on its territory. There are blue ponds and fountains with flower beds. There are berths for yachts, tennis courts and many buildings that abound in luxury. Many tourists want to visit the residence and see the beauty of Mezhyhirya. A helicopter tour will allow you to explore the entire territory of the national park, the size of which is  140 hectares, in just  24 minutes.

A tour to Pripyat is an overview of the entire Chernobyl zone. Passengers will see evacuated villages, a power plant, a cooling pond of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, a memorial park and much more. The participants of the tour will feel the scale of the events that took place and take a fresh look at the Exclusion Zone.

The village Gusintsy turned out to be under water after the flooding, but some of its buildings become visible when the spring flood ends. To this day, an island with a church has been preserved, which was built in the 1822 year. The holy temple, which is almost 200 years old, has not collapsed and rises mightily above the water. The unusual building attracts travelers from different parts of the country. You can fully enjoy the picturesque image of the shrine in a short helicopter ride.

How to get a gift certificate

You can purchase a certificate for an excursion tour in the Helitour company at any time. It is necessary to choose the right date and book a helicopter ride to one of the most beautiful places in the country. You can place an order on the website or by phone number of the company. The price of the gift certificate will depend on the chosen route and flight time. Payment for the tour is made with MasterCard and Visa cards, as well as cash before departure.

The gift certificate has a beautifully designed package — such gift will pleasantly impress a loved one. The birthday boygirl will certainly be delighted with your ingenuity. And an unforgettable helicopter trip will give you a maximum of vivid emotions.

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