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5 reasons why you should fly a helicopter

5 reasons why you should fly a helicopter

5 reasons why you should fly a helicopter

Helicopter flights are a modern and affordable way to travel. This type of transport has many advantages that Helitour customers have appreciated. With us you can order a charter business flight to any point of Ukraine (except the temporarily occupied regions), excursions over the capital, Mezhyhirya, Chernobyl zone, give an unforgettable trip to significant events or dates. Many companies use Helitour services for business trips, organization of corporate departures for recreation. Private clients most often order excursions or gift certificates.

Have you flown with us yet? We will give you weighty reasons why you should at least to try.

Reasons why it’s worth to fly

The advantages of helicopter flights cannot be overestimated. There are 5 reasons why you should definitely use this transport:

  • Speed — business people who know the value of time choose to travel by helicopter. Driving in a car with disorganized traffic in cities, waiting for a train or plane can take a long time, besides, it is not always convenient when every minute counts. A helicopter flight takes much less time than a trip by land transport and does not depend on the schedule of aircraft. The date and time of departure the client can set by himself;
  • Comfort — no specially equipped seats are needed for take-off and landing. The helicopter easily lands on the roof of a tall house, a clearing in the forest, a platform in the mountains. Sometimes it is possible to land vehicles in places where it is not easy to get even by car;
  • Safety — pilots working in the company are experienced specialists who have flown for many hours, they have all the necessary certificates for passenger flights. Before departure, passengers are given a detailed safety briefing and rules of conduct in the helicopter. An insurance policy must be issued for each participant of the flight;
  • It is fascinating and informative — to look at your native country from the height of the clouds will be very interesting not only for children. Many adults admire the cities, villages, forests, mountains and lakes over which the helicopter flies. Even before takeoff, adrenaline is released in the blood, and therefore the flight will remain in memory for a long time as an exciting adventure;
  • Cost — Helitour has a democratic price list for flights. The cost of such a trip is not much higher than the price of a plane ticket, which is fully justified, given all the advantages of flying by helicopter.

The wishes of customers and their safety are a priority for our pilots.

Flight booking

You can order a flight around the country, an excursion or a gift certificate on the company’s website. It is enough to leave a request using a special form or write to the email address. If you have any questions, you can call back to one of the specified phone numbers. The manager of the company will contact you as soon as possible, and you will be able to discuss in detail all the details and nuances of the order. If, due to weather conditions, the flight cannot be made at the selected time, you will be offered an alternative date or the full amount paid will be refunded.

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