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Why you should rent a helicopter

Why you should rent a helicopter

Why you should rent a helicopter

Helicopter flight is the most convenient way to travel, which saves time. Businessmen, wealthy people and many tourists who value personal time often order a helicopter rental from Helitour. Need to get to a remote corner of the country quickly? Not a problem. Our company organizes departures from Kiev on various routes.

Customers can book a charter flight, an excursion tour or book an aircraft for a wedding celebration. If you want to give an exclusive gift to a loved one for a birthday, purchase a gift certificate for one of the excursions. Such a present is guaranteed to impress the birthday boy or girl.

Air travel is a bright and memorable event. Everyone at least once dreamed of touching the clouds and, hovering above the ground, looking at the picturesque valleys, forests, mountains and sights of cities. Each flight will bring a lot of bright emotions that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Some people plan flights in advance, someone decides on an intriguing event spontaneously, and for someone a helicopter ride will be a great surprise. In all cases, passengers are guaranteed an unforgettable experience that will remain in their memory forever. You can please a loved one or fulfill your dream at any time: the company will arrange a flight on a date convenient for you.

Why should I order a helicopter in Helitour?

Helitour company is a friendly team of professional specialists working on the organization of helicopter sightseeing tours, charter flights and cargo transportation. Departures are carried out with full security control and according to all the rules. The helicopters are serviced by experienced technicians who regularly check the general condition of the equipment.

By renting a helicopter, customers can be confident in the reliability and safety of each model. When planning a flight, it is worth considering that the company offers:

  • low prices for booking a helicopter;
  • a large selection of various routes;
  • certified helicopters of different capacities.

The total rental price will depend on the number of passengers and the duration of the flight. Taking into account the reviews of customers who have previously used booking services, we can say that a helicopter flight has an acceptable cost. People with an average income can easily use this service.

Helitour provides helicopters of various models that can accommodate from two to six passengers. The peculiarity of the rental is that the more people fly, the cheaper the price of an excursion tour is for everyone.

The organization makes routes in different directions. Customers can choose a sightseeing tour over Kiev and Pripyat. Passengers can also fly to Mezhyhirya and see the famous residence of the former president. Many tourists choose an excursion to the village Gusintsy, as they dream of seeing the holy church, which rises above the water.

Who often rents a charter helicopter?

Charter flights are booked at the request of customers – the pilot will take passengers anywhere in the country. The pilot can land on any flat terrain, be it a city, forest or mountains. Tourists often book a charter in order to get to an unusual place that is difficult to reach on foot or by car. Thanks to the helicopter flight, you can enjoy the pristine nature and picturesque views.

Businessmen rent a helicopter for business meetings when they need to get to a conference in a short time. Newlyweds who want to make a spectacular and memorable main day in their lives, book a helicopter for the wedding. Young people will be able to fly over the city, see the sights, do a photo shoot and effectively appear in front of guests.

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