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Why helicopter tour ?

Why should I book a helicopter tour with Helitour

Many people dream of looking at the world from a bird’s-eye view. Today it is quite feasible. Helitour company offers to fly over Kiev and not only by helicopter. The duration of the walk varies depending on the chosen route and can be either 15 minutes or several hours. At the same time, 3-5 people can go on a flight in one helicopter, depending on the aircraft. In our company you can order a sightseeing tour of your favorite city or give it as a gift to your friends and family.

What else can you see?

In addition to a sightseeing walk, we offer:

  • visit Mezhyhirya. You will be able to see all the luxury of this territory, the presidential residence, the national park, hunting grounds. Of course, going on a trip will be a little more interesting. Here, just to see everything it will take a few days, and so in half an hour you will be able to go everywhere and see everything;

  • see Chernobyl and Pripyat. You will see these historical and sad places, abandoned villages and be able to imagine how everything happened. The whole history of the exclusion zone will open before you. Thanks to the helicopter sightseeing tour, you will be able to feel completely comfortable and safe;

  • see the temple on the water. The pilot can also land if necessary and you will be able to explore this attraction in more detail.

It doesn’t matter which helicopter tour you choose. Any such decision will be an unforgettable adventure and will be able to leave only positive emotions. In the list of our services, you can choose a romantic flight or use a charter flight.

All flights are conducted by highly qualified pilots who have many hours of helicopter flights. You will be able to book the date and time of the tour in advance.

Helicopter flights – new boundaries of the familiar

Instant separation from the ground, rapid speed gain, conquest of the sky — all this is available if you order a flight over Kiev. You can invite your relatives and friends to this fascinating journey with you, because it is even more interesting to fly in the company, so that you can then exchange emotions and impressions.

The sides of our helicopters can accommodate 3-5 people. Experience together with your family incredible moments of adrenaline and feelings of freedom, delight, the feeling of a discoverer of new horizons. You will definitely want to relive all these events, because the emotions received are difficult to describe in words, they can only be felt independently.

Prices for helicopter tours vary. You just need to contact our managers to clarify the conditions and find out the exact cost of the event. Don’t know what to give to a friend, girlfriend, lover or just a loved one? An excellent option is a certificate for a helicopter flight over Kiev. We are sure that such a gift will be appreciated and will not go unnoticed.

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