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Which tours include additional boarding?

Which tours include additional boarding?

In pursuit of incredible emotions, people choose the most unusual ways of exciting pastime, one of which is a helicopter flight. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, see the sights and, finally, feel like a conqueror of the airspace. Helitour company offers a lot of interesting tours on first-class helicopters that can take their passengers to the most remote corners of Ukraine. In addition to tours with approved routes, you also have the opportunity to enable boarding in compliance with safety rules.

In what case is an additional landing possible?

Additional landing of an air vehicle requires certain conditions. A helicopter pilot cannot land at a particular point on his own or at the request of customers, even if at first glance the terrain allows it. There should be no light foreign objects on the territory that can take off when the ship lands and get into the helicopter blades, as well as other important parts of the helicopter structure (engine, tail rotor, etc.). The platform should be flat, only a minimum slope of a few degrees is allowed.

Buildings and other architectural objects should be located at a distance of at least fifty meters. The ground of the seat must be firm to exclude the possibility of the landing gear sinking into it. There are also requirements for the size of the working area of the landing pad – the minimum allowable dimensions are a strand of 20 square meters, but they may differ depending on the type of helicopter. Only if all these conditions are met, the pilot can consider the option of an additional landing of the aircraft. Usually, pilots of reliable companies offering air tours, such as Helitour, are aware of the areas where landing will be acceptable and safe for both helicopter passengers and others.

Tours from Helitour, including additional boarding

Helitour company offers a huge variety of routes of different directions and duration. The pilot can make an additional landing if a long tour lasting more than 1 hour is provided, but tours over Kiev by helicopter, the duration of which is much shorter, do not provide for an additional landing. Our pilots have extensive experience, many years of flight experience and know the most picturesque places where you can safely land.

Additional boarding is provided in the “Church on the Water” tour. This is a great journey when you go to the Gusintsy village to see a real miracle – the amazing ancient Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church, which together with the village was flooded half a century ago, but resisted and now stands proudly on the island. You can also consider other travel options, about which you can always consult with the company’s specialists, consider landing on a particular site, specify the waiting time and other important points.

Buying a tour from Helitour, regardless of whether you want to fly over Kiev by helicopter or fly hundreds of kilometers away, you get a unique opportunity to experience amazing emotions, to feel freedom and detachment from all pressing problems. Contact us – we know how to choose the best trip for you, and we will realize the desire to do an act that you can be proud of.

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