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Where are you and how to get to you ?

Singing about something under the wing of a helicopter…

In the original, we are talking about an airplane, and the taiga from a height of flight is an unforgettable sight, but only for those who can survive in harsh conditions. And we offer a spectacle no less impressive – to see from above the beauty of Kiev and its surroundings, to appreciate the golden glow of the domes of cathedrals and churches, to admire the views of the Dnieper. The cost of such an excursion is quite affordable even for a person with average income, and in return you will get an unforgettable experience, this is guaranteed by our company Helitour, whose helicopters have repeatedly circled over Kiev.

The road to the start

Our company specializes in air tours, the pilots are experienced and reliable, for customers we offer Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC120 and Bell 407 helicopters, which can accommodate from 3 to 5 passengers. We accept applications for flights for two, for a wedding, even for heli skiing – tours that include climbing a selected mountain and disembarking from a helicopter, many customers order a charter from Kiev to the Carpathians.

Flights are in demand:

  • sightseeing flight over Kiev, 18 minutes;
  • flight to Mezhyhirya, for 24 minutes;
  • flight over Kiev and Mezhyhirya lasting 30 minutes;
  • to Pripyat and Chernobyl, 110 minutes.

After consulting with friends, you can arrange an unforgettable excursion on a birthday or an engagement with a girl, a wedding anniversary – there are many options. You can surprise business partners with non-standard entertainment, foreigners will be especially impressed, the main thing is to clarify in advance whether someone has a fear of heights. It is advisable to book a flight a couple of days before the expected date.

It is very easy to find us, we are located on the territory of the Hydropark, it takes only 15 minutes to get from the center of Kiev, parking is provided for cars. We can pick up suburban residents from the specified location, but we need to coordinate the landing point of the helicopter, since it cannot be done on unequipped sites. If we are talking about a private territory, it is necessary to coordinate the issue with the owners.

Unpredictable interference

These include, first of all, the weather. As you know, the better the weather conditions, the better the shooting and photos will be. Our pilots and equipment are not hindered by fine rain and even frost, since it is warm in the cockpit, low temperatures are also not terrible, since the helicopter is equipped with a heating system. But if there is a threat of thunderstorms or snowfall, you will have to abandon the trip to avoid risks. But this does not mean at all that you will lose your money: if the forecast is unfavorable, we try to postpone the flight time or schedule a departure for another day. If both options do not suit the client, we will refund the amount.

There are a couple more points that are important to consider. It is undesirable to take children under 6 years old on a helicopter tour, at this age a child may be scared, not happy. Teenagers who have not yet turned 16 years old can travel by air only accompanied by adults, the rules here are unchanged.

If you are attracted by the opportunity to surprise and please friends, relatives, children, contact Helitour. You can easily get to our office from anywhere in Kiev, and we will be happy to help you organize an unforgettable holiday!

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