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What should I do if I paid for the tour, but the weather turned out to be unfavorable for it?

What should I do if I paid for a tour, but the weather turned out to be unfavorable for it?

The well-known phrase from the song “nature has no bad weather” is still not always relevant. If you decide to go on an exciting tour, fly by helicopter over Kiev or make a charter flight, paid the price in full, and the weather presented another “whim”, it is unlikely that you will be pleased with the following phrase of the song “every weather is grace”. Of course, customers have a fair question: what to do in this case? Helitour has taken into account this situation and is ready to offer several solutions to the issue.

How do weather conditions affect helicopter flights?

First of all, you need to understand exactly what conditions are considered unfavorable for helicopter flights. According to the methods of assessing the risk of the upcoming flight, adverse weather conditions include:

  • rain clouds;
  • thick fog;
  • heavy rainfall;
  • strong gusty wind;
  • thunderstorm activity, hail.

Since Helitour conducts tours at any time of the year, adverse weather conditions for helicopter flights also include heavy snowfall and blizzard. Under all the above conditions, the pilot of the aircraft risks losing spatial orientation in conditions of limited visibility, which as a result can lead to negative consequences. Before the start of the flight, each pilot gets acquainted with the meteorological situation and, in case of an unfavorable forecast, must cancel the flight. КHelitour strictly adheres to these rules and ensures the safety of its passengers.

What does Helitour offer if the tour is paid for, but the weather conditions are unfavorable?

Helitour strictly adheres to the rules concerning the safety of flights, but at the same time, does not want to deprive its customers of the opportunity to experience the full range of incredible sensations from vertical ascent, landing, turns, and the view of beautiful panoramas. Therefore, we are ready to offer our potential passengers several, in our opinion, successful solutions in case of adverse weather conditions.

Postponing the flight time – this option is possible if weather conditions are predicted to improve during the day. In this case, the flight scheduled for the morning can be postponed, for example, to the afternoon. In each individual situation, the decision is made individually, since the duration of the planned trip is of no small importance. For example, if customers have paid the price to fly by helicopter over Kiev and its surroundings, the flight can be postponed even in the evening, since the duration of the trip is short and the helicopter will have time to return to the landing pad before sunset. If we are talking about a long flight, for example, a charter flight to another city, which takes several hours, the transfer of flight time may simply be impossible.

Rescheduling the flight date is the optimal solution, in which a different date of the tour is agreed with the clients. This option is appropriate if the weather forecast on the day of the trip does not promise improvement or when a long tour is expected.

If stable unfavorable weather conditions have been established or customers will not be able to postpone the trip to another date, Helitour undertakes to refund the full price paid for flying by helicopter over Kiev or other cities of Ukraine. We value each of our clients, so we are always ready to meet them halfway and offer the best conditions.

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