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We are a group. Can we fly the in same helicopter?

Advantages of helicopter flights

By ordering a helicopter flight in Kiev, you will get freedom of movement. There is no need to be tied to ground transport. And from a height that is accessible only to birds, landscapes of incredible beauty open up. Helicopter flight — new sensations and impressions that will be remembered for a long time. Helitour Company operates flights over Kiev, provides charter flights.

Features of helicopter flights

Charter flights provided by our company are a time saver for anyone in need of such a service. In just a few minutes, you can be at a remotely located point. There will be no need to depend on traffic jams, traffic lights and traffic congestion.

Our Eurocopter EC120, Bell 407, Robinson R44 Raven II also have the opportunity to book an excursion to see the sights or just admire the beautiful beauty that becomes especially noticeable from a height. Thanks to such services, you will be able to look at the world around you with different eyes. It takes your breath away from what you see. Who would have thought that seemingly familiar places, from a bird’s-eye view, look completely different. By ordering flights over Kiev from us, you will receive qualified pilots, the opportunity to fly on high-quality and modern equipment, a personal manager who will help you place an order and control the process of its execution. The cost of helicopter flights over Kiev, as well as charter flights, is calculated individually and depends on many factors, for example, on the number of passengers.

Helicopter flights in Kiev with Helitour are safe:

  • our company has extensive experience in providing such services;

  • all equipment undergoes regular inspections and is in perfect technical condition;

  • the helicopters also have the appropriate certificates, and before each flight our specialists conduct a thorough inspection of the helicopter;

  • we employ only highly qualified pilots who have flown at least 3,000 hours;

  • in our work we comply with all safety requirements;

  • every passenger is insured at the time of the flight.

We are often asked the question: is it possible to fly a group in one helicopter? Yes, our “birds” can carry 3-5 passengers at the same time, so you and your loved ones can easily fly together.

Как заказать перелет на вертолете в Киеве?

To do this, you need to contact our managers. This is possible in several ways. For convenience, there is an online chat where you can get instant answers to all questions regarding flights. You can also order a callback service or write to us in messengers: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. Our managers will contact you in the near future and give competent advice on the issues you are interested in.

If you have never flown by helicopter in Kiev before, try it! It’s worth it! We are sure that you will like what you saw from a height so much that you will definitely want to lift it into the air more than once.

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