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There are two of us, but we want to be in a group of at least 3 people.

Joint helicopter flight in Kiev – together or in a group

Renting a helicopter from Helitour assumes the opportunity to fly both in person and in company – from one to four satellites (not counting the pilot). We offer romantic helicopter tours for couples in love or as a gift tour for anniversaries of family life and other significant dates. Nevertheless, there are situations when they want to make an unforgettable excursion in the company of at least one more companion.

Perhaps it is easier for people to cross a certain barrier of fear, when someone else will participate in the air journey, besides the pilot (whom it is undesirable to distract with conversations), with whom you can talk and discuss the nuances of the flight.Although with full responsibility, Helitour can assure that flights are completely safe and comfortable. Another possible nuance is the issue of cost. The helicopter flight is designed for three, perhaps the couple is ready to pay part of the price of the trip, wanting to share its full cost with at least one more person who wants to experience vivid impressions. The price of the excursion depends on the number of passengers – a full boarding in helicopter involves paying for the service at the specified rate, while the cost of a flight per one in a group of people will be lower than when renting with a minimum number of passengers. At the same time, this one who wants to ride an air rotorcraft may not mind finding satellites himself – this is also a cost saving (after all, renting a helicopter for one costs more than in a company), and the journey will be more fun.

Without going into the deep reasons for the desire to have at least one more satellite in a helicopter flight in Kiev, Helitour strives to meet the needs and expectations of its customers as much as possible. The helicopters are designed for at least three passengers, and the maximum number of people on board  is 5-6 (the presence of a pilot is not included in the passenger capacity parameter), therefore, it is quite possible to supplement the duo of customers with one or two or three more passengers, or to include customers in a group of three people who are ready to order a more spacious helicopter, but do not get the required number of travelers.

We will pick up passengers for two customers

You can order a helicopter flight in Kiev for different purposes – an excursion, an entertaining trip along a personal route, as well as a business flight to other cities of the country online or by directly voicing your wishes in live communication with the managers of Helitour. If you want to make an excursion air trip together, but you want to find more companions, contact our company with a request, and managers will help you find at least one passenger or offer options to become members of a group of  3-5 people on board.

It will be necessary to agree on the timing and route, as well as come to a compromise on the price of the flight, taking into account the satisfaction of the needs of different customers in one vehicle.

Safe helicopter flight in Kiev

The company’s fleet of aircraft includes helicopters of different classes that are constantly undergoing technical inspection, which confirms their absolute suitability for flights with passengers on board. The capacity of the cars allows you to send a group on a trip from 3 to 5 people with maximum comfort and guaranteed absolute safety. We have official licenses for flights with passengers on board, and compulsory insurance is also practiced. But customers should not be afraid – experienced pilot personnel and professional helicopter maintenance specialists responsibly and extremely closely monitor the serviceability of the machines, and competent managers of the company will ensure the organization of a helicopter flight in accordance with the most demanding requests and satisfy the wishes of the customer both in terms of timing and in terms of flight comfort.

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