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Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Helicopter flight — new breathtaking emotions.

If you really want to experience something new, if in your dreams you have repeatedly imagined yourself as a bird that can soar above the ground without obstacles, considering the most interesting and hidden places, try to order a helicopter tour. You will be able to admire the beauty of the environment and see your favorite city of Kiev, as well as many other amazing and beautiful places, for example, Mezhgorye, Chernobyl, or a church on the water from a bird’s-eye view. There will be no obstacles here and you will be able to see everything with your own eyes. If necessary, you can order a charter flight from us at Helitour. Such an aerial walk will give a lot of new, bright and amazing emotions, because you can be at another point in just a few minutes.

Helicopter rides are an opportunity to spend leisure time in an unusual way

Even when the engine starts, it takes your breath away. A helicopter ride is a great option for an exciting leisure. This is a great opportunity to spend interesting time with friends and family, or maybe you just want to enjoy the company of a loved one in such an amazing environment. Comfortable helicopters such as the Robinson R44 Raven II will comfortably accommodate passengers. Our company Helitour has its own fleet of helicopters, which are operated by highly qualified pilots. Therefore, the prices for the service are affordable and everyone will be able to afford to make a gift – to order a helicopter ride.

When ordering a service, you should first find out what the maximum weight limit for passengers is possible. This is one of the rules of safety, as well as comfort for each participant of the walk. The weight of one passenger should not exceed 120 kg. Do not deny yourself something new, because a helicopter ride can become one of the most memorable and vivid events.

The most memorable and stunning landscapes are perfectly visible from the air

Ordering a helicopter ride in the Helitour company, you will be able to see the most picturesque places of the capital of Ukraine. Did you know that not far from Kiev there is an amazing place – a temple on the water, built back in 1822? It is definitely worth a visit, as the beauty of the places is simply fascinating. Despite the fact that it stood for a long time in an abandoned state in the water, the temple is perfectly preserved. If desired, you can look at it not only from a bird’s-eye view, but also land near this place. So you will be able to view the amazing structure, and after the inspection continue your air journey.

And if you would like to stay in Pripyat, we will also be able to fulfill this dream and see the mysterious Chernobyl with our own eyes. The duration of such a flight will be one and a half hours. During this time you will be able to see the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Pripyat, the nearest villages. And all this will be available at a low altitude, allowing you to get acquainted with the abandoned city in detail.

Make yourself or your loved ones a gift – order a helicopter ride in the Helitour company, enjoy the incredible beauty of your native country!

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