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I would like to take pictures during the flight. Is it possible to open the viewing window for this ?

Stop, a moment, you’re beautiful!

With this phrase, Dr. Faust designated communication with Mephistopheles to emphasize the moment of the highest happiness. Today, you can stop any moment with the help of photos, which many are happy to show off on their page in social networks. Both pleasures – the moment of happiness and the opportunity to stop it are offered by our company Helitour. We specialize in helicopter tours, give you the opportunity to enjoy the flight, capture the city and surroundings from a height of flight, make a sea of exciting selfies.You can buy an excursion for yourself or order a gift certificate for a friend or family member directly on the website, we solve all issues quickly and to mutual satisfaction.

How to take photos on a board

It’s not too difficult, but it requires a certain skill in photographing, it’s safer to take a good technique, mobile copes with the task worse. In our work, we use reliable helicopters, including Robinson R44, where you do not need to open the viewing window to take a picture. This helicopter has curved shapes of window blisters, which guarantee an excellent shot from any place. By the way, you do not need to pay for photography.

So that the received photos do not disappoint, it is better to use the advice of experienced specialists who have chosen high-altitude shooting with their profile:

  • to shoot RAW, this format gives more opportunities for subsequent processing;
  • the best shots are obtained during landing and after takeoff;
  • the ideal height for shooting is from 200 m to 2 km;
  • a successful picture is obtained against the background of close clouds.

If the first photos against the background of clouds are unsuccessful due to lack of experience or unfavorable weather, do not get upset. You have the opportunity to repeat the flight, but in the best weather conditions.

Conditions from Helitour

We have extensive experience working on helicopter tours, we offer different time for excursions, taking into account the wishes of customers. It is important that the tourists have time to return before sunset, so in winter the hours for flights fall by an order of magnitude less. In case of adverse weather, we try to postpone the flight to another hour or the next day, if the customer is not satisfied with this option, we return the money.

There are no restrictions, the main thing is that those who want to go on an excursion do not have a fear of heights. As for children, experience shows that it is not advisable to take kids up to 6 years old, for them flying can be stressful, and will scare rather than entertain. Teenagers under the age of 16 can book an excursion, but we can only take them on board accompanied by adults. There are no clothing requirements, everyone dresses the way he is comfortable, but it is advisable to choose things that sit freely, the same applies to shoes.

It is easy to find us, we are located near the Hydropark, you can get from the center of Kiev in 15 minutes, parking is provided for those who arrive by private transport. As for prices, the cost depends on the tour and its duration, at the request of the client, we are ready to develop an individual route. So, if you want to purchase unique moments in your photo collection, take advantage of the opportunity to take bird’s-eye pictures!

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