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Do I have to pay for photography?

Unique aerial shots

You can add such photos to your collection if you take the opportunity to fly over the capital and its surroundings. Helitour company accepts applications from everyone, reliable Robinson R44 helicopters (for 3 people), Eurocopter EC120 (accommodates 4 passengers), Bell 407 (for 5 passengers), as well as experienced pilots who know the route perfectly and are able to handle equipment.

There is an opinion that it is best to take photos from a position near the pilot, but this is not the case, the Robinson R44 helicopter has curved window blisters that provide a wonderful view from any place. But if you still have a desire to fly in the cockpit, this can be solved, the main thing is to inform us when making an application so that we take into account all the nuances when placing passengers. There is no need to pay for the opportunity to take pictures.

What does Helitour offer?

Our company has been engaged in helicopter tours for more than one year, all the necessary licenses and certificates are available: aviation service, airworthiness, we are responsible for the safety of our passengers, so the equipment is always in excellent condition.

We offer flights:

  • sightseeing flight over Kiev – 18 minutes;
  • flight to Mezhyhirya – 24 minutes;
  • flight over Kiev and Mezhyhirya – 30 minutes;
  • flight to Pripyat and Chernobyl – 110 minutes;
  • The “Church on the Water” tour includes a flight over the capital and landing near the temple – 75 minutes.

You can also order such entertainment as heliskiing – a descent down a snowy slope along an unsettled highway, with an ascent to the starting point by helicopter. Many clients conquer inaccessible peaks in this way and book tours from Kiev to the Carpathians. All flights must be booked 2 days before the scheduled date.

With our help, you can arrange an unforgettable birthday or wedding anniversary, we accept orders for a flight for two, wedding entertainment. There are no special requirements, the main thing is that customers do not have a fear of heights, so before arranging a surprise, it is worth clarifying this point with the participants of the holiday. We also do not recommend taking kids under 6 years old, children may be afraid of unusual sensations at altitude. As for teenagers under 16, we accept orders from them, but we take on board only accompanied by adults.

Guarantees and prices

The cost of the service depends on the duration of the flight and the chosen route, at the request of the client we can lay an individual one. The time to stay in the air is not limited, but it is important to return to the base before sunset. So in winter, these time frames must be taken into account, because it gets dark early. The only thing that can become an obstacle is weather conditions, light rain or light snow will not be a hindrance, but heavy snowfall or thunderstorm, low clouds – will be. If the weather forecast is unfavorable, we shift the flight hours or postpone it to another day. If the client is not satisfied with this arrangement, then we return the money.

It is not difficult to find us, the base is located on the territory of the Hydropark, those who arrive by car can park their car. So we recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the flight and take amazing photos that will collect a lot of likes and comments.

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