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Where can I get acquainted with the passenger transportation licenses?

New emotions and bright impressions

Very often, many of us face the problem of choosing a gift for a Birthday, wedding anniversary, any other memorable day for their loved ones, close relatives and friends, and sometimes we want to please ourselves with something new. Most people have everything they need in their home and few people will be pleased with a new vase or casket received as a gift, and the probability of guessing with the right choice of perfumes, cosmetics or clothes is extremely low. The choice of any goods is now so huge that it will not be easy to please with a material gift, another thing is if you please a loved one, friend or relative with new emotions and impressions, and it is always nice to arrange a small holiday for yourself.

All kinds of massages and beauty treatments are no longer in trend, another thing is to give the opportunity to fly by helicopter in Kiev, or treat yourself to such an adventure. Since your life is in danger one way or another during the flight, before you fly by helicopter in Kiev, you need to make sure that the company you have chosen has all the permits for the right to transport passengers. Helitour meets all the requirements.

Where can I get acquainted with the passenger transportation licenses?

Compliance with all the requirements stipulated by the legislation of our country for the carriage of passengers is the main competitive advantage of Helitour. The company does not just declare the availability of all necessary permits, but also posted scanned copies of them on its official website in the “Licenses” section. It includes the following permits:

  • insurance certificate;
  • certificate of aviation service;
  • airworthiness certificate;
  • air operator certificate.

Страховой сертификат гарантирует каждому пассажиру вертолета возмещение убытков в случае задержки во время перевозки (для чартерных рейсов). In addition, financial compensation is provided for damage or loss of passengers’ property, and, most importantly, for bodily injury or death.

The certificate of the aviation service confirms the right to transport passengers by air in the redistribution of the territory of Ukraine. Certificates of airworthiness confirm the technical serviceability of Helitour helicopters, their full airworthiness. The operator’s certificate confirms the company’s right to carry out commercial transportation.

Helitour’s capabilities

Helitour company offers its customers many opportunities to fly by helicopter in Kiev. Special sightseeing sightseeing helicopter flights of different duration over the city of Kiev have been developed. If desired, you can take a walk over the Mezhyhirya National Park, or explore the exclusion zone during a flight over the cities of Pripyat and Chernobyl.

Helitour company does not limit its possibilities to excursion programs. Everyone can order a charter flight to any city of our country or order a helicopter for wedding events. Do not put your life in danger, use the services of a licensed Helitour company.

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