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What does a gift certificate for a flight look like ?

The best gift always gives an unforgettable experience

Of course, women are pleased to receive flowers, coveted jewelry or outfits for their birthday, and men – valuable attributes for a business person, for example, an expensive pen, a mobile phone, a watch or an organizer.But only unusual gifts can give unforgettable impressions and long memories. We offer to give friends, family or friends a gift certificate for a helicopter flight from Helitour! Photos, of course, can be taken for free. We are sure that such a surprise will be remembered for a long time, the main thing is to find out so that none of the guests have a fear of heights.

Where do we propose to fly?

A gift certificate can be given to friends for a wedding, an anniversary of family life, an anniversary – there are many options. We offer several tours, at the discretion of customers, if desired, we can make an individual one.

In our list of routes:

  • flight to Mezhyhirya, 24 minutes;
  • sightseeing flight over Kiev – 18 minutes;
  • flight over Kiev and Mezhyhirya – 30 minutes;
  • The “Church on the Water” tour includes a flight over the capital and landing near the temple – 75 minutes.

You can find out the cost of the tour and book a flight by calling the phone number listed on the website. The certificate is a beautifully designed document, with drawings, seals and data of those to whom it is intended. If it turns out that the booked time does not suit the birthday boy or girl, we can postpone the tour to any other convenient time. We offer the same in case of an unfavorable weather forecast, in the case when a replacement does not suit the client, we refund the money.

When going on an excursion, it is important not to forget about photos – cameras in a cell phone will not always help out. It is best to take equipment from friends or rent it so that the pictures are successful.

What should be taken into account so that the gift is guaranteed to impress

Handing over a gift, everyone wants to please the birthday boy, and since the certificate for flights is an unusual surprise, it is advisable to carefully find out in advance whether a person wants to go on an air tour, whether he is afraid of heights. We do not recommend taking children under 6 years old on a flight, kids often get scared, getting stress instead of pleasure. If the gift is intended for a teenager, then all passengers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by adults, which also needs to be taken into account.

You can issue a gift certificate on the website online, check the details by the specified phone numbers. It is not difficult to find us, helicopters are based on the territory of the Hydropark, you can get from the center of Kiev in 15 minutes, for passengers with car parking is provided. If necessary, we can pick up tourists from the suburbs, but in this case it is necessary to choose a place for helicopter landing, for example, a private territory, where the consent of the owners is required. Everyone can take advantage of the opportunity to make an unusual gift, Helitour company is always glad to new customers!

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