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What can I see ?

What can I see?

A helicopter ride is a real magic that allows you to forget about all our problems and worries. Being in the sky somehow miraculously makes us dream, change our attitude to life. By ordering a tour from Helitour company, you will get the opportunity to explore wonderful cities from a dizzying height, endless expanses that will be in the palm of your hand, and, of course, get incredible emotions as a gift!

Helitour helicopter tours: sightseeing flights throughout Ukraine

Helitour company offers many interesting options for traveling by helicopter. For example, flying over Kiev and the surrounding area will allow you to see interesting places of the capital from a new angle, cathedrals, squares, architectural monuments, majestic bridges across the Dnieper, wonderful parks, squares and many other objects that do not look so attractive when walking. At the same time, for a short flight you will be able to see as many sights as you can not get around in a day.

You can choose any other routes: flights over the Kiev Sea, Vyshgorod, Mezhyhirya National Park with the former presidential residence, where in addition to luxury residential buildings there are park complexes, a zoo, tennis courts, berths and many other facilities. Helitour also offers flights over Pripyat, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant, where you can view the station, a protective sarcophagus over an exploded power unit, and see abandoned settlements.

Charter flights to the settlements of Ukraine are very popular today, which are chosen by both businessmen and tourists, travelers. For example, a luxury tour to Bukovel will allow you to enjoy a wonderful view of the snow-covered slopes, among which you will see kilometers of ski slopes and numerous buildings that appear before your eyes like miniature toy houses. You can make such a trip yourself or with friends – Helitour has at its disposal aircraft designed for different numbers of passengers.

Helicopter flight: unforgettable emotions that everyone should experience

Helicopter flight is not only wonderful panoramas, but also crazy emotions as a gift. From the moment of vertical takeoff and throughout the tour, including landing, our pilots will make you experience a lot of sensations that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. Comfortable seats and special window designs will provide a panoramic view. At the same time, you will be able not only to admire the surroundings, but also to take many memorable pictures.

You can read about the beauty of flying and incredible sensations endlessly, but it’s better to try it once and feel that crazy range of feelings, an explosion of adrenaline that overwhelms the soul during dizzying turns. These are “wow emotions” that make you experience incredible joy, a complete sense of freedom, separation from the daily hustle and bustle. Helitour pilots are aces who can’t live a day without the sky, and they will make you love it with all your heart.

You can present these wonderful emotions as a gift to your friends, family and relatives. Just choose a tour, pay, and we will deliver the gift certificate as soon as possible. The certificate is valid for several months, so the recipient will be able to determine the time convenient for himself and set the day of the flight. A helicopter flight will be a great unexpected creative gift for any celebration, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding anniversary or just a way to spend the most romantic date — in the sky.

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