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How should I dress for the upcoming tour ?

Excursions in the sky: dressing properly

Helicopter excursions are becoming more and more popular today, a bird’s-eye view of the city gives an unforgettable experience! And also – the feeling of height, which intoxicates without wine, turns your head and makes it possible to feel like the lord of the world at least for a moment. Helitour company organizes and conducts such air excursions, different routes and time frames are provided. We accept applications for a sightseeing flight over Kiev, an air trip to Mezhyhirya, and charter flights.

And in order for the flight to give only unforgettable impressions, it is necessary to take care of clothes in advance.

Tips from experts

A comfortable temperature is maintained in the helicopter cabin, but it is important that the client is as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we recommend choosing an option that does not restrict the movements of clothing, if desired – with bright accents. The original touch is needed to look advantageous in the photos taken. After all, after flying with us, the participants are happy to post photos in social networks, and the collection of likes is the more active the more spectacular you look in the picture. There is also no need to remove earrings, chains or rings, jewelry can be left if you do not want to part with them. A little advice for those who wear contact lenses. It is advisable to grab eye drops, because at altitude the mucous membrane may dry out, which causes tears and pain, and you will not be able to enjoy the flight.

The optimal solution for flight excursions:

  • loose clothing, because at height the body is exposed to stress and pressure;
  • low-heeled shoes to make it easier to climb into the helicopter;
  • sunglasses – sometimes the sun above the clouds begins to dazzle the eyes, and then there is no time for the beauties below.

In warm weather, it is safer to wear a light summer suit or jeans with a T-shirt, in cold weather – jeans, a jumper, a comfortable jacket. Everyone is determined by their comfort level, girls are recommended to wear tight skirts if trousers are not in favor, because after the flight you still need to get home. Many customers choose a sporty style, but this is not at all necessary, although a mini dress will be inappropriate. It is better to choose something in between, to put it simply: stylish, but without frills.

Reliable guarantees from Helitour

We guarantee the safety of our passengers, the company has all the necessary licenses and certificates. Robinson R44 helicopters (for 3 people), Eurocopter EC120 (accommodates 4 passengers), Bell 407 (for companies with 5 passengers) are used for flights. If there is a desire to get in the front seat, you need to inform about it when booking, since the pilot seats passengers, taking into account the weight of the flight participants. But even if you’re not lucky, you shouldn’t get upset, the Robinson R44 helicopter has curved window blisters that provide a wonderful view from any place. We employ only professionals, so an unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

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