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How much does the tour cost ?

How much does the tour cost?

Helicopter flight is an adventure that you need to decide on at least once in your life. Everyone who was able to overcome their fears and make a tour strives to repeat the journey, beginners are often interested in the question of how much it costs? Today, this type of service is relatively new in the Ukrainian market, therefore, prices are presented in a wide range. Helitour company offers a wide variety of tours at reasonable prices, so you can always choose the best trip that you can spend on your own or in the company of friends.

What does the cost of a helicopter tour depend on?

The price of a helicopter flight depends largely on the direction and duration of the tour. These indicators determine fuel consumption, as well as the time that will be allotted for the pilot’s work and the employment of the vehicle, because you can simply fly over Kiev or order a charter flight, for example, to Uzhgorod. It is also necessary to take into account the number of travelers on board – if the total amount to be paid for the tour is divided into 4 or  6 people, for each of them the price of the flight will be quite acceptable.

It is also necessary to take into account the cost of additional services that can be provided under the conditions of a particular program, for example, the need to pick up a passenger from any place indicated by him may affect the price increase. How much a helicopter flight costs also depends on the internal pricing policy of a particular company, the availability of favorable offers, discounts, loyalty programs. For example, the cost of flights to Helitour is one of the most profitable in Ukraine. In addition, we have interesting offers, discounts for regular and corporate customers.

How do I find out how much a helicopter flight from Helitour costs?

You can always find out the cost of a helicopter ride on our website . To do this, use the “Booking” option in the main menu, select the type of excursion and the model of the helicopter. By entering the data, you will receive an instant calculation of the cost of the tour. If you are interested in charter flights, go to the “Helicopter services” menu, and then “Charter flights”. A map of Ukraine will open on the page with an indication of the cost of a flight to a particular locality. You can find out more detailed information or calculation from our consultants by contacting them at the phone number indicated on the website.

At your service are first-class multi-purpose screw machines, the cabins of which are equipped with comfortable seats and panoramic windows that provide a wide view. You can choose a Bell 407 helicopter, which, in addition to the pilot, can comfortably accommodate 6 passengers, a Eurocopter ER120 for 4 people or a Robinson R44 for a company of  3 people. You can order a helicopter flight at a bargain price from Helitour both for yourself and as a gift. This is a great exclusive surprise that will be the “highlight” of any celebration: wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc. And it will be a great idea to hold a corporate party in the sky!

Our planet is beautiful from any angle, and it’s worth starting to conquer it from Ukraine, having viewed the endless expanses from a bird’s-eye view. It doesn’t matter if you are a romantic, an extreme or just a traveler – an open free space, a lot of sights and stunning landscape pictures will not leave anyone indifferent. Despite how much the flight costs, the price will always be justified by incredible sensations that will remain in the memory for a lifetime. And it’s also a great opportunity to prove your own majesty, because what could be more difficult than conquering the air spaces?

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