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How long before the flight is it necessary to book a tour?

Book a helicopter flight over Kiev with Helitour

Now everyone has the opportunity to soar into the air like a bird, see their hometown and its surroundings from a completely different angle, and feel like the owners of it all. And then, having descended to the ground, for a long time to remember the impressions received.

Helitour company can arrange a helicopter flight over Kiev at any time of the year. But the main thing is to pre-select a date and book it, since there are quite a lot of people who want to enjoy an air walk. If the weather conditions for the flight are favorable, the event will definitely take place. So when do you need to plan? The earlier the better, especially if you need the flight to take place at a certain time and date. In order to book it, you need to contact our managers. This is available in the most convenient ways. We have an online chat with which you can quickly make a reservation. It is possible to contact us by phone. We are also represented on social networks, where you can leave us a personal message.

What should be the conditions for the flight?

For a high-quality and safe flight, it is important that there is no precipitation on the chosen day, and horizontal visibility would be no lower than 2,000 m. Cloud cover is also important, the boundaries of which should not exceed 200 m, and the wind speed at the ground should be no more than 12 m/s.

The most comfortable time to fly in the summer is considered to be the morning before 12 o’clock and the evening an hour before sunset. In winter, favorable conditions for flight remain throughout the daylight hours. Even if it is cool outside, you should not be afraid that you will freeze. In modern helicopters available in our company, there is a heating and ventilation system that provides maximum comfort in flight conditions.

ПHelicopter flights over Kiev – new opportunities for everyone

Thanks to the helicopter flight, everyone will be able to get an unforgettable feeling of altitude. This is an opportunity to get to even the most remote places in a minimum amount of time. You will be able to take a fresh look at seemingly familiar things.

You will be provided with the most comfortable conditions. There will be relative silence in the cabin, and using headphones with a high degree of noise reduction, you will be able to communicate comfortably. And at the same time you will not need to raise your voice.

The helicopters we use will provide a panoramic view, due to their technical features. It seems that windows are present from all sides. During the flight, you will be able to take photos, capturing this unique and inimitable event.

Flying by helicopter is not comparable to traveling by plane. You can ask the pilot to go higher or lower and, if possible, he will definitely fulfill the wish. Flying helicopters, you can feel the beauty of the sky, appreciate its heterogeneity. Thanks to the stunning view, the boundaries of the helicopter are simply not noticed. Book a Helitour helicopter flight over Kiev to observe the bustling city from above, appreciate the surrounding beauty and just enjoy the feeling of freedom. Do not deny yourself this pleasure!

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